Meet Jennifer Edwards

Dr. Jennifer Edwards is dedicated to holistic health and wellness. She offers healthcare consulting services to support hospital systems and health organizations with strategy, evaluation, and trainings.  She is also creator of The Live Well, a healthy living community providing one-on-one health coaching, wellness retreats, and live talks.

Jennifer has served as Principal Investigator on projects funded by Centers for Disease Control, Health Resources and Services Administration, and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She has delivered a range of national, local, and clinical presentations on women’s health, medical sociology (disparities and equity), and leadership.  She has also taught university healthcare administration courses for ten years, mentored doctoral students, and co-created the Black Women Faculty Connection.

Jennifer earned a Ph.D., with distinction, in Health Communication & Culture from Howard University and an undergraduate degree in Chemistry, magna cum laude, from Florida A&M University. She enjoys supporting women and girls’ initiatives, flow yoga, gardening, and a good hike. Connect with her over lattes if you’re ever in Dallas where she lives with her husband and two children.