Mindful Performance for Women

LIVE WELL is your home for women's empowerment! We help women achieve personalized success while centering purpose and wellness. To accomplish this, we curate resources and community spaces relating to mindful performance for women leaders. Wellness is your work plan. Let's intentionally live well. Cheers! Jennifer


Live Well guides women on achieving personalized success through mindful performance. Our specialized focus helps women mindfully live, mindfully lead, and mindfully build a legacy.

What is mindful performance?

Transforming stressful, inefficient effort to instead advance and grow professionally and personally by centering your purpose and wellness.

What is the Live Well Mindful Performance Model™?

We characterize mindful performance as practicing six specific principles in our life pursuits to achieve genuine growth and aligned opportunities professionally and personally.

What do you gain through mindful performance?

You will develop the personal, career, and business acumen to advance intentionally – with purpose while maintaining quality of life. You can achieve dreams of career advancement and entrepreneurship while preserving mental health, relationships, and joy. You also learn to center authentic priorities and values in order to spend impactful energy in the right places.

The Mindful Performance Master Class

Spend 50 minutes learning the six Live Well principles for mindful performance, define your level of empowerment professionally and personally, create your personalized roadmap to mindful performance for professional and personal advancement. You will have instant access after you register and can return to the training experience any time. You also receive a printable workbook to support your blueprint for success.

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