Do this to work from home

Work from home life is amazing.  I have two kiddos.  Working from home has given me the freedom from the 15 – 20 hours commute time I used to have per week, plus flexibility to get to my children anytime. It’s less stress and more fun.

We all can relate to wanting more flexibility in our life. Who wouldn’t want to walk the treadmill during a conference call or sit in the backyard on the patio? More time with our family.  Less time on the road.  The WFH life is within your reach as a leader at any time.  You have proven your work ethic and capabilities, now it’s time to seek opportunities that align with your goals and your wellness.  Now, everything isn’t for everyone, but those who want this life can obtain it.

How?  Some say to wait until you have landed a job offer to negotiate working from home.  I personally believe honesty is always best.  Do you have 7+ years of experience under your belt and a Master’s degree?  These are not official standards, but organic pivot points where credibility is gained in our career.  If so, put your WFH request in your cover letter.  Place it right in the closing paragraph after you have captivated them with your experiences.  Then say,  “I seek to work from home and would appreciate the chance to discuss this opportunity with you further if you are open to hiring in this capacity.”

Acknowledge that you will have to be discerning about the roles you apply to – you cannot run a team of 15 people who are onsite from your home, for example. Find the job titles and roles that would permit the lifestyle.  Make sure you don’t get in the travel trap with a higher percentage of travel unless that’s what you want.  Stand firm when they try to talk you out of it, they will.  Claim the lifestyle you want and back it up with your expertise, skills, capabilities, and character.  Go after it.

Live Well is a women’s empowerment lifestyle brand focusing on mental health, money, and motherhood. Established in 2010 by Dr. Jenn Edwards, Live Well specifically helps women avoid burnout, holistically invest, and parent with resilience. Jennifer is a wife, mother of two children, scientist, author, speaker, professor, and fourth generation entrepreneur.

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