Necessities and nice-to-haves

Let’s chat about random COVID musings, necessities, and nice-to-haves during this time of social distancing.  First, the WHO-recommended term of physical distancing does not seem to have caught on.  We’re too far into the pandemic to change the language of the experience.  Social distancing was intended to mean leaving appropriate distances between persons in social spaces.  It has ultimately evolved into the natural decline in social interaction and even public avoidance.  WHO was making an attempt to repair some of the psychological effects of social distancing to minimal avail.  Fact of the matter is, our body language reflects our thoughts.  If we are focused on keeping physical distance, we will still ultimately remain socially distant as well.

Since we’re far apart, people have come up with great ways to spend this time.  I’ve talked more about ways to cope, endure, and even accept our current reality on Live Well.  This time truly represents a chance to return to our core interests and passions, plan our next big move, or just rest in the calm space of minimal external distractions and no outside busyness.  Of course, I do want to acknowledge the many parents who are following schools’ online education plans right now and working full-time.  Doing both at the same time is literally not possible.  Something has to give.  We cannot sustain this long term.  Summer is around the corner.

Home-school moms have weighed in where they can to support the rest of us on this educational journey.  This transition to at-home education somewhat detracts from the dedication and work of long-time home school moms that have done this before now.  They seem to have a very different take on how all of this is rolling out. Homeschooling to them is not just videos and worksheets, and certainly not for hours at a time each day.  Day 1’s seem to have a methodical approach to practical life engagement in household activities balanced with outdoor exploration as well as technology for a legit homeschooling experience.  We can’t just become a home-school mom overnight any more than we can become an online educator overnight.

Moms who have been thrust into following these virtual educational plans at home are figuring it out each day.  Give yourself a break and some grace here.  Learning takes place in many forms.  Plus, summer is around the corner.  If you’re like me, you had summer plans in the works that have all been blown to the sky.  That’s ok.  Find a place of acceptance with that.  Do some contingency planning right now for what June and July may look like.  Release control and be ok with things if they look totally different, because, they might.

So how can we make it through? Some necessities and nice-to-haves for me during this special time of reflection, coping, and family connection that you might love are:

  1. 100 days of less hustle more Jesus devotional by Shanna Noel.
  2. Two-piece cotton sets from Fashion Nova so I can look presentable on coaching calls and virtual meetings. Hey, my online order from NORDSTROM was delayed, still don’t have it yet, so don’t knock FN.
  3. ONE Community Church Wednesday online bible study with Jada Edwards. Find them on facebook, they host it live.
  4. Oh So paper notebooks to keep track of all the thoughts coming to mind now that I feel a bit more free.
  5. Wellthy Academy because there’s no better time to equip yourself for work-life wellness success than right now. The pre-launch is open.
  6. Fun lashes to add a little sass to your everyday life.
  7. Mented Cosmetics hot date lipstick to appear polished in these virtual meetings…and virtual parties.

So, it looks like we at least have this whole month to continue connecting with our family and enjoying our household spaces.  Make the most of it.

Live Well is a women’s empowerment lifestyle brand focusing on mental health, money, and motherhood. Established in 2010 by Dr. Jenn Edwards, Live Well specifically helps women avoid burnout, holistically invest, and parent with resilience. Jennifer is a wife, mother of two children, scientist, author, speaker, professor, and fourth generation entrepreneur.

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