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Live Well, the podcast, has been a blast to produce.  There was a need for a wellness message, and we delivered.  The timing to wrap Season 1 is sweet, because there is even more work to do in the field as we conquer community challenges.  I have directed my time there, but wanted to put a nice bow on this season.

Podcast production is intense and there was definitely a learning curve.  I look forward to future seasons and more technical production efforts, but for now, my hope is that the content speaks for itself.  Our casual wellness conversations are rich, engaging, and a deep dive into wellness.

Live Well promotes the attainable wellness of women as leaders, wives and moms as we live each day on mission, on purpose. We talk inspiration, true beauty, and wellness.  Season 1 is live.  Available on most podcast platforms – search Live Well + Jennifer Edwards.  Take a listen.

Live Well is a women’s empowerment lifestyle brand focusing on mental health, money, and motherhood. Established in 2010 by Dr. Jenn Edwards, Live Well specifically helps women avoid burnout, holistically invest, and parent with resilience. Jennifer is a wife, mother of two children, scientist, author, speaker, professor, and fourth generation entrepreneur.

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