Reclaim VIP Mastermind

I’d love to support you!

Reg closes TOMORROW! Only time I’m offering this this year.

Stressed out?
Stretched too thin?
Ready to advance?

We all have competing responsibilities that need to vibe, gel, and complement each other. The RECLAIM experience dives into the relationship between it all and how you can conquer your challenges and identify hidden opportunities to advance.

Ready for more me-time?
Ready to get promoted?
Ready for six-figure success?

Good news is:
Stress-free success is possible for you too. You can reclaim your time, confidence, and courage to advocate for yourself and design your life.

Not sure where to start?

RECLAIM is a personalized one-day clarity coaching experience focused on living intentionally, and authentically re-building and transforming your approach to living well. We will connect VIRTUALLY for four hours of intense, rewarding, and engaging video coaching.

The science? I adopt a cognitive-behavioral approach to problem-solving, a heart for encouragement and uplifting women, and proven coaching and research techniques in exploratory facilitation to help you advance. We will go on a personalized journey, identify your challenges in work/business, wellness, and balance, and TACKLE THEM ALL.

All sessions are NEXT WEEK ONLY. Must be ready to work!

Are you an accomplished woman with goals to be taken on? Let’s chat, text 972-277-1378. Registration closes tomorrow (Friday!) at 3p central.

Ready for a purpose-driven lifestyle?
Ready to next level your business?
Ready for brand clarity?

This is the ONLY time I will offer a one-day intensive THIS YEAR. This clarity experience will deliver massive results, and heads up, it’s not cheap. Text only if you are serious and ready to invest in success. I only have THREE spaces available.

Overwhelmed and need focus?

It’s an amazing time to equip yourself to wrap up 2020 strong and hit 2021 with all-new life strategies. Make the most of the possibilities that ARE waiting for you. Plus, you’ll get food, gifts, and treats! Right in the comfort of your home! Let’s do this. Be well. JE

Photo: Politico/Bloomberg/CNBC

Live Well is a women’s empowerment lifestyle brand helping women advance in purpose, wellness, and economic freedom. Established in 2010 by Dr. Jenn Edwards, Live Well specifically helps women engage in mindful performance, build generational businesses, and practice holistic self-care. Jennifer is a wife, mother of two children, scientist, author, speaker, professor, and fourth generation entrepreneur.

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