My favorite goodies.

It’s been a year, but there have been experiences and goodies to enjoy. It’s time for my annual Favorite Goodies List. I release it around this time every year, so excited! All the items have been personally tried, quality tested, and loved by me. Check out these goodies, and let me know what you try and how it treats you! – JE

  1. Care/of Vitamins – Here’s a gift for half off your first order. They have plant-based options too.
  2. Uggs (ankle height), because do we really have anywhere to wear riding boots right now?
  3. I’ve been chatting with ladies about my intuitive investing approach (Wellness and wealth? Yes, please!). Acorns is a good starter for the investment scene. There are tons of other options to grow as well.
  4. When you’re ready for a bit more, I love TD Ameritrade.
  5. Mented Cosmetics – Semi matte lipsticks and the liquid lipsticks. Amazing for video calls! And here’s $10 from me to enjoy. If you e-mail them, they’ll suggest colors for your complexion.
  6. Hikes and trail walks, anything outdoors!
  7. Yoga, always yoga. You know me. Yoga With Adriene on YouTube is great for newbies and vets.
  8. At Home and HomeGoods shopping, because curating our personal and family space during these times of social distancing helps boost energy and mood.
  9. Liquid chlorophyll. It’s gluten free and helps with the immune system, with bonus benefits for hair, skin, and nails.
  10. The jumper of all jumpers. I’m a onesie girl in the summer and jumper girl when it cools off. Nothing fancy, super affordable. It’s video-call friendly with a cardigan. Tons of color options.
  11. Fashion glasses. Bonus if they are blue light blockers.
  12. This super cute cocktail shaker. I use it for my at-home cold tea blends. I have it in rose gold. Love.
  13. My favorite tea? Rooibos. The leaves are from a South African red bush, great for relaxation and caffeine free.
  14. Maca, what is it? My latest resource to support women’s wellness. I couldn’t be more thrilled to offer it.
  15. The Audacity To Be Queen book.
  16. Black main character books. Supporting diversity among all children.
  17. Ribbed wraps and turbans from The Wrap Life.
  18. Clairol translucent hair color. Because, COVID.

Find the simple joys daily and let me know what you’re loving too. Be sure to stay connected with my Live Well newsletter by subscribing below. And let’s chat on Live Well, the podcast. Be well.

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