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My Wellthy clients – super accomplished women – often express that they are stressed and overwhelmed, yet they want to have a baby. Black Girl Boosted! is your resource to boost wellness, self-care, and prioritize fertility. Learn more in this Free Master Class.

Ready to live well and boost your fertility?

A holisitic approach to wellness is vital for a healthy mom-to-be and baby. Just tracking your cycle and ovulation isn’t enough. The Black Girl Boosted! 4-step fertility protocol is a resource to support you.

Wondering why wellness matters?

A healthy pregnancy starts before conception. Challenges with PCOS, fibroids, and infertility can be eased with the Black Girl Boosted! Protocol.  Before jumping to (the sometimes truly necessary) IVF or IUI, fertility is supported by prioritizing self-care. Getting your body ready to bear children actually happens months ahead of conception in a holistic way.

What makes this fertility protocol an effective solution?

BGB is designed to honor women who face unique challenges relating to wellness and chronic stress, core determinants of fertility.

It is based on Live Well’s commissioned research literature study to specifically examine core hormones involved in fertility and associated natural supplements to support internal, biochemical balance for reproduction.

This mission for women’s wellness and background research was funded by Texas Woman’s University Center for Women Entrepreneurs.

Not sure where to start?

As an invited TEDx speaker – I was going to talk about women’s wellness and birth health before the talk was canceled due to the pandemic the night before dress rehearsal – but, I still get to energize, engage, and guide you on the fertility journey.

BGB is easy and you can start right now.

Using my background in the sciences and women’s health, I created BGB to offer a solution that will boost your self-care and fertility. Here’s a preview of the BGB Protocol to start boosting your fertility:

  1. Reduce stress. Relax, recharge, and restore yourself. Wellthy offers helpful coaching for this.
  2. Cut added sugar from your diet. Sugar negatively affects the hormones involved in fertility and conception.
  3. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D from outdoor activity and natural supplements. This also helps boost your immune system (much needed these days!)
  4. Boost your healthy eating habits by adding natural Maca root powder to a fruit and veggie smoothie.

Why Maca?

Maca root is an essential element of this protocol that not only offers vitamin c, fiber, and copper, but clinical studies have also shown it naturally boosts sexual desire (yes, libido!). We talk all about this in the Black Girl Boosted! Manual.

This information is for educational purposes only, be sure to check with your own clinician, especially if you have a thyroid condition. Bonus: Maca also helps bone health, mood, memory, and symptoms of menopause.

Ready to boost your wellness and fertility now?

Costs associated with poor uterine health can include preoperative diagnosis, surgical treatment, hospitalization time, potential complications, missed work, and other relevant expenses.  So let’s  get you on track before it’s too late.  Prevention costs less than treatment.

I have partnered with The Maca Team to offer you all-natural, fair trade, non-GMO maca powder. Start your wellness and self-care journey now with maca.

Want to know actions for fertility success and exactly which maca is best for your fertility goals? Want the details of our research and how you can boost your fertility now? Get the guide.

Black Girl Boosted! Guide

To get the most from the BGB Protocol and do a deep dive on maca and Vitamin D benefits, be sure to get the Black Girl Boosted! Guide shown below.  I will share with you the most effective maca to add to your stash. Cheers to wellness and babies. Be well. – JE

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