The 5 Star Challenge is a national wellness initiative inspiring women to come together and put their health first.  The Challenge, led by Dr. Jenn Edwards, is free and powered by women, sororities, wellness coaches, and community organizations.  Inspired by her family’s encounters with heart disease and her passion as a wellness scientist, Dr. Edwards designed the 5 Star Challenge to reverse the fatal toll of poor health habits and transform lifestyles through five attainable changes.


Why? We hope that participants will gain confidence, reverse internal inflammation, lose fat, reduce signs of aging, eliminate period pain, improve reproductive health, and have more energy for our families and work.  We want you to unite as girlfriends and communities to improve your quality of life and change the health story of women in our country.

What next? Print your 5 Star Weekly Checklist and track your wins with friends or coworkers.  We encourage you to host a monthly Girls Night In to discuss your journey, progress, fitness tracker results, and successes.  You can even host an Undo It book club to learn more about your health together with friends.  Wellness coaches who want to host 5 Star locally will work directly with Dr. Jenn Edwards as you build your coaching practice. The 5 Star team will reach out to you once you have scored your kit.


“It’s tough because you can’t see the benefits of prevention.  You can’t see the heart attack you didn’t have.  You can’t see the money you saved on prescriptions and medical visits.  We have to trust that our 5 Star lifestyle will reward us.  Restoration starts with changing our daily habits.” -Dr. Jenn Edwards


Location Dallas, Texas E-mail DrEdwardsPR@gmail.com Hours Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm central
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