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Each training series contains three courses, ten reading classes per course, and exams, quizzes, keys, assignments, and case studies to enrich the continuing education experience. All content is written (no audio) to facilitate individualized progression at your own pace.  Course objectives and content are aligned with core CHES/MCHES competencies, and consider emerging trends in the health education community.

Series 1: Advancing Your Health Education Practice

Health Education Theory, Planning, and Implementation
1. Define core responsibilities of a health education resource person
2. Describe health communication theories
3. Describe health communication planning models
4. Construct health education implementation objectives and measures

Conduct Evaluation and Research Related to Health Education
1. Design pre- and post-assessments for health education
2. Define program, impact, and process evaluations of health education programs
3. Understand key health education research topics

Population Health Education
1. Define behavior change and associated population health education strategies
2. Describe health education implementation within workplaces
3. Describe health education implementation in community-based organizations
4. Define and apply the Spectrum of Prevention

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Series 2: Advancing Your Health Education Leadership

Assess Needs, Assets and Capacity for Health Education
1. Define health disparities
2. Evaluate community health needs assessments to inform health education
3. Understand how to create a local health resource inventory
4. Examine funding resources for health education

Health Education Management and Administration
1. Identify Public Health Accreditation Board health education standards
2. Construct a sample budget for a health education program
3. Understand health education administrative reporting requirements
4. Define core elements of health education management

Community Organization for Health Education
1. Describe strategies to promote health education in the community
2. Describe health advocacy strategies
3. Prepare federal, state, and local health education advocacy briefs

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