Thanks for joining me in committing to wellness as a leader. I believe in a lifestyle that’s on mission and on purpose. I’m here to connect with ladies who seek to maintain an intentional, focused, and healthy approach to wellness and building a legacy.

I’ve been on the wellness scene since the days of Richard Simmons, Susan Powter, Tae Bo, and thigh master.  As a wellness scientist and global speaker, I seek to equip you with strategies, tools, and ideas to live well while advancing along your accomplished path. You can overcome burnout and achieve balance. It’s time to stop trading time for money. Time to start prioritizing wellness over work.

I love sharing real life challenges and joys and learning together how to keep wellness first as we build our lives, families, businesses, and careers.  Data tells us that stress actually keeps us from working and being productive.  With the proper mindset, we can indeed persist joyfully toward our definition of success. It’s time to transform, evolve, and LIVE WELL.

I’m honored to offer you consistent messages of empowerment and practical tools for wellness and legacy building through my live global speaking engagements, and online coaching programs. By being here, you have joined a community of distinguished women making our mark while shepherding our families.  Let this be your well-thiest relationship. 

Be sure to join my e-mail list to receive the LIVE WELL messages I share with my community. Find me on social @DrJennEdwards. Tell me how you manage work, wellness, and life.  I’d love to hear your success and how I can support.

Blessings and balance,



Dr. Jennifer Edwards, PhD


Location Dallas, Texas E-mail DrEdwardsPR@gmail.com Hours Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm central
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