Live Well Financial Freedom Academy

We’re so glad you want to prioritize financial freedom in your life right now. I look forward to connecting with you in the Academy. It’s a priceless digital library of our best financial content, and you’ll get lifetime access as you work toward building a legacy. Join us!

– Jennifer

Jennifer Edwards, PhD, MBA, Live Well Founder and Faculty, Financial Freedom Academy

Build a legacy: Access our digital collection of 5 Live Well financial freedom trainings and intensives.

375 minutes of economic freedom guidance and our favorite support tools in a self-paced format.

Thanks for stopping by! Here’s a gift for you: Enter the FREE CLASS!!! – JE

What You’ll Gain:

1. Get your money mindset right with the Insights Mastermind.

2. Define your real estate investing strategy with the REI Beyond the Buy Toolkit.

3. Let your money make money with our Stocks 101 audio training.

4. Access reliable tenant payments with our Sugar Shack Audio Intensive.

5. Save your finances with our Debt Free Homebuying Master Class.

All the Details!

Insights Mastermind

We’re so excited that you have invested in yourself, your future, and your family to engage in this private generational wealth audio experience. We’re going to have an informative conversation to equip you with intuitive investing and generational wealth strategies. We’ll walk through the 3-part Intuitive Investing System to get you on your way to investing six figures and beyond

The Academy has intentionally adopted an audio approach for this Mastermind because we know you are busy. You can take this mastermind along with you on your commute, open a tab while you work, or play it in your earbuds while you do laundry. We’re here for you!

The Curriculum – What You’ll Learn:

Part 1 Abundance: Why generational wealth matters. Your money mindset and access to financial independence.

Part 2 Building With Simplicity: The first and foundational steps toward intuitive investing. What’s needed in your life and environment to support your financial success.

Part 3 Intuitive Investing: Your checklist for intuitive investing options that may be best for you. Stop trading time for money and consider these Academy-endorsed strategies inspired by data about the wealthiest women in the United States.

Bonus: Secrets of the wealthy and why our everyday lifestyle choices matter in the long run. Based on national financial data that we analyzed here at Live Well, made simple for you.

Real Estate Investing Strategy – REI Beyond The Buy Toolkit

Ready to start or scale your real estate investing with intention?

Ready to design your REI portfolio?

Need to know what to buy and why? Or what next?

Struggling with knowing how to pay for it all?

The REI Beyond the Buy Kit focuses on low-stress investing using our custom 5W System. This toolkit will power your investing using a defined strategy and systems for success.

What you get in the 6-part kit:

REI Beyond The Buy Training Intensive

REI Beyond the Buy eBook

REI Beyond the Buy Journal Printable

Journal Companion and Preview Video

Sample List of REITs (what’s a REIT? Get the kit!)

REI-preferred Lenders List

Plus, a Secret Bonus!!!

You will have lifetime access to 120 minutes of insights!

Stocks 101

If your funds are in a non-interest earning account, they are actually losing value over time. Investing in stocks is one way to help your money make money. We will talk about the top stock questions we get asked and the answers explained for you in this lightning round.

Reliable Tenant Payments – Sugar Shack Audio Intensive

Need tenants that pay consistently and on time?

Want the security of a confirmed income source for your property?

You can lose nearly a year’s worth of financial gains if your property is vacant for even a month in many cases.

Sugar Shack is a training intensive all about reliable tenant payment options that are government-funded and come straight to you each month. Most of us have heard of Section 8, but what other programs are out there that can consistently pay real estate investors as property landlords?

This 30-minute audio experience sheds light on what housing vouchers are, how real estate investors can get paid by housing vouchers (landlord benefits!), and 7 programs besides Section 8 that can offer reliable payments.

The training is a deep dive into specialized housing programs that can add stability to your real estate portfolio as you help those in need. Sugar Shack is dense with information and it will come as your fast. So, grab a tea, your favorite notebook, and spend some me-time crafting your strategy after you listen to this. Even better news is, you’ll have lifetime access to the content.

The minicast also covers how these voucher programs can fit into your overall real estate investing strategy that you learn in this Academy.

Plus, we will share our favorite BONUS voucher program that can also help get you started. 

Sugar Shack (/ˈSHo͝oɡər/ /SHak/): A quaint cabin-style establishment for family to gather. The Sugar Shacks are where the sap of the maple tree is boiled and made into maple syrup, most commonly seen in Eastern Canada and Northeast United States. Many families traditionally spend their Easter dinner together at a Sugar Shack, eating traditional foods and lots of maple sugar, historically curated by Indigenous peoples.

Debt Free Home Buying Master Class

Ready to buy a home but don’t have enough money?

There’s an entire underground world of strategies to achieve financial freedom and build a legacy that is not readily shared with the mainstream.

Not sure if you’ll get approved for a mortgage?

There are proven strategies for achieving financial security and taking on unnecessary debt is not one of them. 

Tired of trading time for money and working additional jobs?

Debt-free homeownership can be part of a larger financial security plan for you.  You can adopt the Live Well LUXE LIFE System and just rinse and repeat to help build generational wealth.

What we help you achieve in this Master Class:

Financial stability

Financial security

Finances for fun

Finances for family

What you’ll get in this Master Class:

Access to the simple 5-Step LUXE LIFE System

13 sources to find your debt-free home

To do’s to make it happen

Access to coaching from Jennifer, creator of Live Well and the LUXE LIFE System

56 minutes of pure gold to set you up for home ownership!

Creating a legacy is important to me. Giving back energizes me. My faith tells me that I have the chance to support my family and serve my community. It has been a long path toward creating financial stability, including pushing past fears on the journey to economic freedom. I wanted to share my knowledge and experiences to equip other women to do the same. We’re all in this together.

Dr. Jennifer Edwards

The Live Well Financial Freedom Academy is valued at $1372. We are making it available to you for just $997! Invest in your future now.

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Location Dallas, Texas E-mail Hours Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm central
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