A curated wellness experience

Dr. Edwards is passionate about serving women, wives, and moms.  She created the V I T A L I T E A Wellness Brand to encompass all of her efforts including books and eBooks, live talks, trainings, and other resources.  If you’re aligned with her mission, reach out, connect, and let’s engage, elevate, and energize ladies together.

Dr. Edwards is personally inviting women, wives, and moms to join in for a one-day destination conference in Dallas.  It’s an exciting time to connect with national experts, influencers, and elite women on various faith, family, fitness, and fashion topics. 

Do you seek to gain clarity, focus, and inspiration? Practice self-care and take time to access tailored resources that nurture the whole woman. Get recharged.

Location Dallas, Texas E-mail Hours Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm central
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