Policy and Plan Review

Demonstrate your credibility, value, and impact.

Investing in organizational policy and plan review ensures competitiveness of your organization in the field. Quality policies and plans offer an opportunity to share why you are a unique and valuable entity.

Effective organizational policies and plans offer concrete strategies for success as needed for accreditation and accountability to the public. You can explain challenges, share stories, and display data that illustrates your improvement and innovation.

Illustrate improvement and innovation.

Your organizational policy and/or plan will undergo professional analysis and four rigorous phases of review by evaluator, editor, and journal reviewer, Dr. Jenn Edwards. Dr. Edwards will provide a validity, structural, content, and grammatical review.

The validity review ensures the statement aligns with industry and accreditation expectations; and assures necessary models and theories have been incorporated.

Structural review ensures that your overall reporting approach is organized and logical to best convey your organizational goals.

Content review focuses on the nature of what is being discussed, appropriateness of the organizational plans and policies, “land mines” to avoid, and opportunities to expound.

Grammatical review entails a detailed editorial review of sentence structure and accuracy of execution of the English language.

The Approach

Dr. Edwards will facilitate an initial virtual visioning call to understand the goals you have for your organizational policy or plan. Dr. Edwards will then engage in rigorous review of your policy or plan, and offer tracked changes in a word processing file. A virtual meeting will be scheduled upon your review of the recommended changes to discuss any adjustments that need to be made. You will receive draft recommendations after each of the four phases of review. Pricing depends on document length. A proposal is available upon request.

About Your Reviewer

Dr. Jenn Edwards is an author, national program evaluator, speaker, and creator of LIVE WELL – a women’s empowerment brand. She has served on collegiate adjunct faculty for a decade, reviews dissertations, and leads a national social learning community of women faculty members in higher education.

Jennifer had an opportunity to write U.S. presidential appointee testimony submitted to the Congressional Record. She is also a reviewer for national journals including Howard Journal of Communications, American Journal of Community Psychology, American Journal of Public Health, and Public Health Reports, the peer-reviewed journal of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office.

Jennifer is an advocate for equity, and earned a Ph.D. in Communication & Culture from Howard University and B.S. from Florida A&M University. Full CV and publications available upon request.

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