Standout Statements

Propel your application to the top of the stack.

Investing in personal statement review ensures competitiveness of your application. It offers an opportunity to share why you are a unique and valuable applicant.

The statement gives voice that your resume and exam scores cannot. You can explain challenges and share stories that make you relatable to the selection committee.

Receive personalized advice to strengthen your personal statement.

Your personal statement will undergo professional analysis and four rigorous phases of review by Dr. Jenn Edwards. Dr. Edwards will provide a validity, structural, content, and grammatical review.

The validity review ensures the statement aligns with undergraduate, graduate, and professional school expectations.

Structural review ensures that your overall approach to the statement is organized and logical.

Content review focuses on the nature of what is being discussed, appropriateness for a personal statement, “land mines” to avoid, and opportunities to expound.

Grammatical review entails a detailed review of sentence structure and accuracy of execution of the English language.

Application acceptance is attainable. Make your application come alive.

Create a stand out statement.

Ready for a professional analysis of the interests, experiences, and skills illustrated in your statement?

Dr. Jenn Edwards is a doctoral faculty member, undergraduate program developer, author, and creator of LIVE WELL – a women’s empowerment brand delivering coaching programs and written content on avoiding burnout, holistically investing, and parenting with resilience. She has continued her connection to academia for the past decade and offers these seasonal review services. She’s here to help women, moms, and teens get into the school of their dreams.

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