Strong Wife

Download your Leading as a Strong Wife eBook

Redefine your strength as a wife. 

Build a solid foundation as a woman and a wife. Learn to be open and admit that we did not have all of the tools before entering the role. As long as your safety is not at risk, take the journey to gain the confidence and resolve to equip yourself for the season you are in as a wife. Take the journey to learn how not to second guess yourself or your marriage.

You have permission today to have flaws and be imperfect. Do you accept the challenge? There is such freedom in releasing this pressure. You’re not alone.  Anywhere you see a gap in life or marriage represents your call to fill it, not complain and run away. Get your Leading As A Strong Wife eBook now.

Learn even more from the full book “Marriage: A Blessing and a Boot Camp” by Dr. Jennifer Edwards available in paperback and eBook on


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