Wellness doesn’t have to be work.

Join us as we take a holistic approach toward attainable wellness from the inside out.  Wellthy is a three-step wellness system supporting mental wellness, career freedom, and putting your best face forward.  Our wellness depends on so many external and internal factors.

Let’s conquer the challenges, define opportunities, and look good while we do it.  Time for the journey.  Private coaching access is granted for those who enter the system.  Connection information shared within Step 1.  Bookmark this page, grab your notebook, and experience the transformation. Revisit as often as necessary. We’re here for you!

Step 1: Destress and unwork.

Wellthy is a four-step approach to advance in career and life in a balanced and burnout-free way.  Create capacity and conquer competing responsibilities.  It’s time to restore, recharge, and reset.  Create a lifestyle that doesn’t feel like work.  You will:

  1. Achieve lifestyle balance between work and wellness.
  2. Restore and recharge yourself.
  3. Learn strategies for organic, natural career advancement.
  4. Transform your life to reverse burnout.

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Step 2: Elevate your career.

Cut stress and enjoy career freedom by equipping yourself, expanding your current opportunities, and evolving your career experiences to meet your lifestyle preferences and needs.  Have you experienced financial instability?  Ever been passed over for a promotion?  Feel like work isn’t aligned with your purpose?  Stress is a top reason for taking sick days from work, and a key risk factor for both depression and anxiety.  So, let’s not.  Time to elevate your approach and intentionally advance.

  1. Reminder of critical leadership and lifestyle strategies.
  2. Create a sustainable brand to enhance your personal, professional, and entrepreneurship experience.
  3. If you’re building your brand or business and giving back, here are some strategies Dr. Edwards delivered live to help you land grant funds.
  4. Equip yourself for the next level by getting grad school paid for.
  5. Want to teach in your zone of genius? Add a revenue stream, give back, inspire.  We’ve got you covered. Here are some notes to support the experience.
  6. Connect with confident, conscious, accomplished women for inspiration.

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Step 3: Put your best face forward.

  1. Your wellness governs your appearance.  Track your wellness notes.
  2. Conquer the 5 Star Challenge to leverage small steps to transforming your wellness and body.
  3. What goes on your body affects what happens in your body, stay well with clean beauty.
  4. Bold, conscious beauty comes from the inside out.  Got all the confidence you need and an idea worth spreading? Want to conquer a TEDx?  Dr. Edwards shares her journey here.

Cheers!  Wellness loaded.

Relax. Restore. Recharge. Repeat.

man standing beside his wife teaching their child how to ride bicycle

Attainable wellness from the inside out. 

Photos: Gustavo, Agung Pandit Andrea Piacquadio (Pexels), Giphy

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