Wellness Coaching

Learn healthy habits and lasting lifestyle changes.  Wellness Intensives include a customized approach to support several core areas.  Dr. Jenn Edwards works with ladies throughout life’s transitions, and has a heart for ladies preparing for pregnancy, restoring the body post-partum, and re-energizing during menopause.

For a one-on-one experience, start with a free wellness assessment to clarify your largest need to get you on the path to restoration.  Together, you will define the area you’d like to focus on.  Tracks include 1. Healthy habits, body transformation and weight management, 2. Self-care and mental wellness, 3. Motherhood, 4. Menopause, 5. Navigating life transitions.

Contact us for large group, corporate and leadership, small group, and girls weekend destination experience estimates.  Includes keynote expert sessions, break outs, activities, and tools to maximize wellness, confidence, and performance.


Location Dallas, Texas E-mail DrEdwardsPR@gmail.com Hours Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm central
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