Stressed out? Stretched too thin?

Wellness doesn’t have to be work.

Join us as we take a holistic approach toward attainable wellness from the inside out.  Wellthy is a four-step wellness system supporting mental wellness, career freedom, and lifestyle confidence.  Our wellness depends on so many external and internal factors.  Let’s conquer the challenges and define our own opportunities.  Time for the journey.

Want to avoid burnout and restore balance in your life?

Enjoy this FREE Leadership x Lifestyle Master Class.  I share three strategies to help you get back on track.

Time to de-stress and unwork.

Trying to balance work and family?

Pandemic got you burned out?

Need more time in your day?

Are you struggling to stop rushing and remain present for yourself and your family?

Stress is a leading reason for taking sick time away from work.

Too many competing responsibilities?

Here’s the #1 Problem

You’re habitually dedicated to the wrong activities at work and at home.

Good News Is

There’s a simple system I’ve personally used while I excel with energy in my personal, professional, and community life.  It’s time to restore, recharge, and reset.  You will:

  1. Achieve lifestyle balance between work and wellness.
  2. Restore and recharge yourself.
  3. Learn strategies for organic, natural career advancement.
  4. Transform your life to reverse burnout.

I will share this approach with you in my WELLTHY ACADEMY™.  Wellthy is a four-step system to advance in career and life in a balanced and burnout-free way.  The online mentoring experience offers CXOs, leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, moms, and those aspiring the 180 minutes of secret strategies to live well and advance professionally. If you’re an accomplished woman, this is for you.

I’ve been a collegiate educator for healthcare, wellness, and communications courses for 10 years, so this is legit content and value that I’m honored to share.  Can’t wait for you to enroll.

Are you ready for stress-free success?

Staying up until 2 am for quiet time? Getting up at 4 am to have time for working out? WELLTHY ACADEMY™ doesn’t require a huge time commitment or travel away from family.

What You Get

According to Pew Research, 74% of parents said they feel too busy to enjoy life.  65% of college-educated working moms say balancing job and family is difficult.  Time to do things differently.  I kept the Wellthy system easy by creating a self-paced course to fit your own schedule.  You get 4 impactful, rich lessons delivered as a webinar series.  You will also get tools and scripts to help you along the way.  Plus, ladies who enroll get access to one free Work-Life Restoration session ($200 value).

For the academy, you will receive instant access to the webinars led by me that you can refer to now and in the future at any time. The academy is available for instant lifetime access right after you enroll.  You will automatically get directed to a page where all of your materials are.

Elevate your daily experience.

I want to get Wellthy now!

women sitting on chairs inside a room

Here are 10 things you’ll discover during the WELLTHY ACADEMY™:

  1. How to next level your efficiency professionally and at home.
  2. How to transform your lifestyle from endless rigor to intentional effort to experience a new level of time freedom.
  3. How to leverage your capabilities and skills for increased effectiveness and a competitive edge.
  4. How to expand your life to have capacity for home responsibilities, friends and family while still advancing professionally – my 3D Capacity Restoration Approach.
  5. How to build social capital and meaningful relationships to support your goals for career, motherhood, and community involvement.
  6. How to combat anxiety, depression, and insecurity to succeed with confidence.
  7. How to craft a compelling value proposition to secure raises, promotions, and revenue.
  8. How to leverage your capabilities, skills, and brand to grow your social influence or business for good.
  9. How to integrate self-care and wellness into your lifestyle to allow you to produce more, longer.
  10. Worksheets, and tools to equip you to make meaningful changes in these areas.

You’ll gain access to my 4 tiered system to reverse burnout, achieve balance, and expand your impact. We’ll evolve your mindset, re-prioritize, create actionable strategies, and create a sustainable plan for your success.

Instant Access

Simply click the link below to register so you can discover the 4 steps I’ve used to enjoy advancing as a global wellness speaker, TEDx speaker, Amazon #1 continuing education best selling author, and wellness scientist.

I’m also a wife and mom of 2, and love to practice yoga and take hikes. So, I understand the challenges of a demanding lifestyle. You’re not alone.

Your WELLTHY life is here. Access the academy now!

Still unsure about what you’ll gain from Wellthy?  If you don’t feel it has been valuable to you within 7 days, I will give you a refund.  I believe in this system.  Want to chat more?  Reserve a free Work-Life Blueprint Session by connecting with me here. I’m looking forward to chatting with you.

The Wellthy Academy™ is valued at $1897, but you can enroll for a limited time for just $397.  We even have a four-payment installment plan for you at $105 monthly for four months because access is our priority.  Plus, we are CEU-eligible professional development, your employer may be willing to cover this expense.

Ready to get started with the Wellthy Academy?  This is your lifestyle overhaul.  Time to reset.  Live well now.  Let’s go!

I look forward to connecting with you,



Dr. Jennifer Edwards, PhD

Cheers!  Wellness loaded.

Relax. Restore. Recharge. Repeat.

five women laughing

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